MBO software "Datamanager 4.0" is equipped with open interfaces

The information from Datamanager 4.0 can be accessed via the PC or the touchscreen of the folding machine.
Screenshot of a statistical evaluation with Datamanager 4.0.

As one of the leading producers of folding machines and web finishing solutions, MBO has always monitored changes in the market very closely and is a driving force behind technological developments. The printing industry is still changing dramatically. It is a known fact that the length of print runs in the commercial sector is sinking. At the same time, the number of different jobs is increasing. As a result, cutting set-up times and Industry 4.0 are gaining in importance. Finishing 4.0 is a must for any company wishing to reduce downtimes and carry out reliable final costing in order to boost the efficiency of its finishing process. For this reason, MBO has offered solutions which integrate print finishing into the network of printshops and bookbinding companies for some years now.

The latest development on this front is the product “Datamanager 4.0”. Datamanager 4.0 is a software package for production planning and analysis. MBO places great importance on its open interface – which forms a contrast to the insular solutions of some other manufacturers. With its open interface, Datamanager 4.0 can be connected to widely varying Management Information Systems (MIS) already in place in the printshop/bookbindery.

For optimum use of the software, the company should have a database linked to the customer-specific MIS, independent of the platform used. This database is fed with data relating to the customer and order, for example the materials used, the sheet size, fold types etc. Datamanager 4.0 then ensures that the folding machine receives all the information it needs to optimise the set-up process. In turn, the folding machine sends all production-related data, including production and auxiliary process times and any jams, back to Datamanager 4.0. This does not only allow effective production planning. The data obtained in this way can also be used to carry out objective final costing. This helps to boost quality and efficiency in the printshop/bookbinding company sustainably.

But that’s not all Datamanager 4.0 can do. Its large job memory means that every order can be reproduced and edited. The remote maintenance tool RAS can be used with Datamanager 4.0, too. In this way, faults can often be remedied directly via remote diagnosis, allowing production to be resumed immediately. RAS also offers targeted online consulting and training, enabling the customer to quickly identify and order spare and wear parts which need to be replaced. A further advantage is that if servicing is required, the technician can get a detailed picture of the machine in advance and take the required spare part with him. That saves time as well as additional delivery and travel costs.

Datamanager 4.0 is suitable for almost all printshops/bookbinding companies wanting to plan and analyse their finishing process more efficiently. Even customers who already plan their entire production via an MIS can profit from Datamanager 4.0. by collecting and evaluating additional production data from the machines. Moreover, Datamanager 4.0 is of great interest for companies working, for example, for the pharmaceutical industry. These companies need to store their order and production data for very long periods, and Datamanager 4.0 supports them in meeting their obligation of accountability.

Datamanager 4.0 is already implemented in the market. A number of companies in Europe are already successfully using the innovative software from MBO.

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