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Here you can find the latest publications from the MBO Group. If you need more information or files (such as logos, high-resolution images, additional text) or would like to request an interview, please contact Ms Katja Dannenberg (Marketing) on + 49 (0) 719146-380 or by email at


08/07/2018HH demonstrates business card and greeting card production at the Open House

One of the lines on show can be used to perform scoring, blank separation and chip-outs. During the Open House, the process of separating business cards will be demonstrated. The special feature here is that an extreme landscape format …read more

07/24/2018With the K8RS, Veldhuis Media continues its commitment to leaner production

Via Wifac, Veldhuis Media in Raalte (Netherlands) has invested in the K8RS folding machine from MBO. This fourth folding machine is the next step in Oscar Jager and Erwin de Lange’s plan to become the most efficient printing company for print runs …read more

07/19/2018Herzog+Heymann is holding an Open House

Herzog+Heymann, the specialist for custom machine engineering in the field of print processing machines and a member of the MBO Group, is holding an Open House in Bielefeld from September 19 - 22, 2018 …read more

07/11/2018First K60 worldwide in operation at Brüggli Medien

Since the beginning of the year, Brüggli Medien in Romanshorn has been producing on a K60 combi folding machine from MBO. It is the first machine worldwide in a new series for the 50/70 format. Urs Seehawer, technical director …read more

07/02/2018Bookbindery Tony Besserer AG uses the K80 folder from MBO

Since April, bookbindery Tony Besserer AG has been producing on a K80 combi folder from MBO. Changeover of the folding system is largely automatic. Six buckle plates in the parallel fold, two folding knives and an additional …read more

06/15/2018MBO Group is the only supplier of large-format folding machines

MBO Group is currently the only supplier of large-format folding machines. Demand for these machines has fallen significantly in recent years. On the one hand, this is due to the drop in the length of print runs …read more

06/04/2018Premiere for Herzog+Heymann

First-time combination with BDT Tornado Technology // BDT feeders with the innovative Tornado Technology can already be combined with printing and finishing equipment from leading companies such as HP Indigo, Kodak and Bograma …read more

05/04/2018MBO K80 sold during the "Edle Tage" at Helmar Schmidt

The Helmar Schmidt trading house held the very successful "Edle Tage" open house from April 24 to 26, 2018. Countless customers and interested parties accepted the invitation to Hamburg. On display was finishing process technology from …read more

04/17/2018MBO at Helmar Schmidt’s “Edle Tage”

Helmar Schmidt is hosting the “Edle Tage” in Hamburg from 24 to 26 April 2018. The top-class exhibition programme includes the K80 combi folding machine from MBO, which is designed for the B1 / 70 x 100 cm format range …read more

04/11/2018CMC and MBO for bookbindery Scherrer AG

Over the past eighteen months, bookbindery Scherrer AG in Urdorf has made considerable investments. The purchase of a CMC 2800 film wrapping machine in January 2017 was followed at the beginning of this year by that of two K80 …read more
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