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Here you can find the latest publications from the MBO Group. If you need more information or files (such as logos, high-resolution images, additional text) or would like to request an interview, please contact Mrs Katja Haug (Marketing) on + 49 (0) 719146-380 or by email at

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12/17/2018MBO software "Datamanager 4.0" is equipped with open interfaces

Finishing 4.0 is a must for any company wishing to reduce downtimes and carry out reliable final costing in order to boost the efficiency of its finishing process. For this reason, MBO has offered solutions which integrate print finishing into the network of printshops and bookbinding companies for some years now …read more

11/08/2018MBO trainees have petrol in their blood

All ten MBO trainees at the Oppenweiler factory (near Stuttgart) had petrol running through their veins on October 31, 2018. First they visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. They then went on a journey through time to learn about the history …read more

10/02/2018MBO Group to become part of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

As announced today, the MBO Group is to become part of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). The MBO brand will continue to exist after the takeover. Jointly with Heidelberg, the company is looking to expand its product offering …read more

09/26/2018Herzog+Heymann reflects on a very positive Open House

Right at the beginning of the event, Uwe Reimold sold the Multi-Rill line to online printshop "Onlineprinters" (Germany). Uwe Reimold is the exclusive Tech-ni-Fold representative for grooving/creasing/folding solutions for …read more

09/19/2018MBO opened its doors to the public

For the MBO Group, the exhibition on Sunday, September 16, 2018, was a huge success. The event was initiated by the "Gewerbe- und Handelsverein Oppenweiler" trade association. On the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of the association, …read more

09/17/2018Cutting, folding, gluing – all from one source with equipment from Herzog+Heymann

No Herzog+Heymann Open House would be complete without solutions for outserts. This time, Herzog+Heymann will first cut the printed sheet apart (split and chase). To seal the outserts, the sheets are glued on-the-fly in the infeed of the …read more

09/11/2018Beginning of training for five trainees at MBO

A new life phase has now begun for the trainees at MBO in Baden Württemberg. Five young people have started their first year of training. In the coming three-and-a-half years, they will learn the profession of an industrial mechanic, an electronics technician …read more

09/04/2018Intelligent placement solution from Herzog+Heymann

With its mailing line, Herzog+Heymann presents an intelligent placement solution. White plastic cards in cheque-card format are printed inline with the help of an inkjet system. The cards are also printed with a QR code which controls the feeder …read more

08/29/2018W. Thomann AG folds on Herzog+Heymann

The company W. Thomann AG is now folding pharmaceutical packaging inserts and other small format products on a small-format folding machine from Herzog+Heymann. A twin camera system ensures faultless quality. Thanks to a waterscoring …read more

08/22/2018Herzog+Heymann Pharma Line equipped with many innovations for Open House

One of the highlights among the machines on display is the T24 Pharma Line with a wealth of integrated innovations. Outserts with 400 panels are folded on the line. Outserts are a special type of package insert. They are self-contained …read more
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