Z 2/5/6

Z 2/5/6
More flexible application options and higher production output.

Knife folding unit Z 2/5

The mobile knife folding units Z 2 and Z 5 with MC Control can be pivoted by 180 °, thus allowing folding both from the top and from the bottom. They can be used for various application purposes. Z 5 has a lateral fine adjustment for the entire knife unit. The height is adjusted with a handwheel. The larger infeed width and length of the Z 5 allow to handle larger formats. Especially when used as folding unit II on buckle folding machines or as folding unit IV on large combi folding machines, even more application options are possible.

  • As folding unit IV for 32 pages on combi and buckle folding machines, for manufacturing English, German and international four folds and special folding types.
  • As folding unit III on buckle folding machines – the folded material can be led back to the coated control panel.

  • For folds parallel to the back fold after the first and second cross fold on combi folding machines, combined with the cross carrier.

  • Following saddle stitchers for the rectangular small folding of brochures and for folds parallel to the back fold when used in combination with the cross carrier.

  • As a signature folding unit for the rectangular or parellel-to-the-back small folding of products in combination with a rotary feeder, cross carrier and a delivery.

  • For double gate folds on buckle folding machines after folding unit II and on combi folding machines in combination with the cross carrier.

  • As version Z 2/65 with 65 cm infeed width for the production of geographical maps.

Knife folding unit Z 6

The mobile four-fold knife folding unit with MC Control and built-in drive for the application on combi or buckle folding machines is designed for the folding from the top. It is equipped with a lateral fine adjustment of the entire knife unit. The infeed height is adjusted with a handwheel. Z 6 offers the following additional benefits:

  • As folding unit IV for 32 pages on combi and buckle folding machines.
  • On combi folding machines with the KL and S-KTL configuration for English four-fold.
  • On combi folding machines with the S-KTZ configuration for English and German four-fold.
  • On buckle folding machines, e.g. with the configuration 442 for English four-fold.

12/12/2017 Herzog+Heymann at Pamex

Herzog+Heymann will once again be exhibiting at Pamex. The trade show takes place from 18 to 21 December 2017 in Mumbai, India. Pamex is India's largest trade show for the printing and finishing industries. In addition to technologies for traditional offset printing, equipment for digital, flexo and gravure printing will also be on Display…
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11/9/2017 A fantastic show

Friedheim presented equipment from ten partners on its equipment show stand, including from MBO and Herzog+Heymann. One sale of the exhibited K80 combi folding machine, the most recent new product in the MBO portfolio, was made directly at the show to the firm Anglo Printers Ltd from Ireland. A buyer was found for another MBO machine at Ipex as well…
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