Suitable for:
70 x 100 cm


The K80 fits perfectly into the product range of MBO combi folding machines for the 70 x 100 cm size range. It closes the gap between the manual K70 and the K8RS, the world's fastest folding machine. The K80 is ideal for high-precision, high-performance production of signatures, flyers and other similar products in medium industrial print run lengths. It runs at speeds of up to 230 m/min (755 fpm), and offers a comprehensive range of standard equipment and multiple automation options.

Eight optimised versions
The K80 is available in eight pre-configured versions. Customers can choose between a palletized and a continuous feeder, as well as between four and six buckle plates in the parallel unit. They can also choose from manual or automated fold rollers and slitter shafts.

Standard equipment
The K80 is available in a Super-KTL version. The standard equipment includes M1 control technology, including touch screen. This simplifies the intuitive setup of the machine. If the palletized feeder is chosen, the tried and trusted Vaculift III feeder head is used. Vivas is included with both the palletized and continuous feeder. Vivas is used to improve the sheet infeed and the sheet alignment with challenging materials and at high production speeds. The first buckle plate in the parallel fold is always equipped with a continuous sheet stop in the K80. This increases the contact surface by approx. 30 %, preventing sheet deformation, resulting in better fold quality at high speeds. With the K80, customers can choose between hard PU fold rollers or Virotec fold rollers. The standard equipment also includes the ergonomic, patented slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold. This means that the slitter shafts are user friendly and can equipped by just one person, and the tools can be adjusted quickly and accurately. High-precision pneumatic cross fold and three fold knives also allow for a faster throughput and keep wear to a minimum. The K80 is also factory-fitted with a router that permits connection to the MBO remote access service software, RAS.

In addition to the comprehensive standard equipment version described above, each of the eight pre-configured K80 versions can be optionally enhanced with MBO features to increase performance. These include the slitter shaft in the three fold and the gatefold plate. The combination buckle plates can be optionally ordered in manual or automated versions.

Feeder head Vaculift III in the palletized feeder
Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)
Buckle plates with swing deflector
Slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold

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