T 460

Small, compact, great.

Despite its compact design firmly established in terms of productivity.

The buckle folding machine T 460 is the greatest for small 46 x 66 cm formats. The easy-to-handle machine is ideally suited for printing houses and bookbinderies that want to save space and, at the same time, achieve a high productivity when further processing DIN A3 and DIN A2 products (4 pages, 6 pages, gatefolds or folding end sheets). Small but powerful: The T 460. By the standard integration of MBO components especially developed for this format range, the T 460 achieves high efficiency, short changeover times and a continuously excellent folding quality, despite its small size.


Another advantage of this small machine is its extreme robustness. With its stable side frames, the T 460 is almost indestructible and its high productivity may therefore work for you for a really long time. Well-proven MBO components guarantee that apart from their robustness and long lifetime, folding machines by MBO are also appreciated for the excellence of their quality: Outstanding folding accuracy even for high throughputs – no problem for the T 460.

  • Micro processor control for sheet infeed
  • Sheet distance control: Cycle control (default setting: front edge – front edge) – by measuring a reference sheet, the suction length is calculated automatically and set to a minimum sheet distance of 2 cm
  • Preselection counter at the infeed
  • Electro-mechanical double sheet control
  • Electro-mechanical stopper switch for sheet control after each folding unit
  • All automatically calculated values may be optimised manually, if required
  • High productivity thanks to well-proven MBO features
  • Robust construction for long lifetime
  • Simple construction for optimal operability
  • Compact size for restricted installation space
NIRO buckle plates
The marking-free NIRO buckle plates with central sheet stop fine adjustment are equipped with swing sheet deflectors. To swing the deflector, the buckle plate must be lifted only a few centimetres. The through sheet stop in buckle position 1 ensures highest precision at maximum speed.
Feeder head VACUSTAR
This feeder head is used with pile feeders for the Efficiency models. The vacuum control reaches outputs of up to 40,000 cycles per hour for small formats.
Belt drive system
Advantages: Extremely quiet operation and long maintenance-free periods. Thanks to the auto-tensioning elements, controlling and readjusting is no longer necessary. Low follow-up and operational costs make the MBO belt drive an especially efficient long-term solution.

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Over the past eighteen months, bookbindery Scherrer AG in Urdorf has made considerable investments. The purchase of a CMC 2800 film wrapping machine in January 2017 was followed at the beginning of this year by that of two K80 …
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