T 535 Efficiency

Efficiency finds its way into half format: T 535 Efficiency.

Simple control for optimal operability.

With the new buckle folding machine T 535 Efficiency MBO finally transfers all advantages of the Efficiency series to the 50 x 70 cm half format. Thus, the T 535 Efficiency is the perfect machine for small printing houses working with the formats 35 x 50 cm and 50 x 70 cm as well as bookbinderies running high circulations on this sector.

Good quality for low budgets: With the T 535 Efficiency, MBO makes the excellent price/performance ratio of the Efficiency series also accessible to users working with half format. This applies of course also to the other benefits: Well-proven MBO components like quick setting elements, MS Control, belt drive, spiral foldrollers and slitter shafts with bearing plugs provide a trouble-free production on the highest level. The stable, robust design guarantees the particular long-life cycle of the machine.


T 535 Efficiency proves that performance and quality are not a matter of purchase price, but of the manufacturer‘s standards. And MBO‘s standards are so high that we made every effort to transfer the well-proven Efficiency advantages one on one from the medium format to the half format 50 x 70 cm. And successfully, too – plus with a new design.

  • Foldroller quick change device saves timeconsuming demounting of many parts, e.g. when inserting HIGH-GRIP foldrollers or segmented foldrollers for glue folding

  • Pile feeder F 535 with electronic height adjustment for faster lifting and lowering of
    the table

  • High efficiency thanks to an attractive
    cost/performance ratio
  • Simple construction for optimal operability
  • New attractive design
  • Shorter minimum format 15 x 15 cm with feeder head
NIRO buckle plates
The marking-free NIRO buckle plates with central sheet stop fine adjustment are equipped with swing sheet deflectors. To swing the deflector, the buckle plate only must be lifted a few centimeters. The through sheet stop in buckle position
1 ensures highest precision at maximum speed.
Feeder head VACUSTAR
This feeder head is used with pile feeders for the Efficiency
models. The vacuum control reaches outputs of up to
40,000 cycles per hour for small formats.
Belt drive system
Advantages: extremely quiet operation and long maintenance-free periods. Thanks to the auto-tensioning elements, controlling and readjusting is no longer necessary. Low follow-up and operational costs make the MBO belt drive an especially efficient long-term solution.

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